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Allyn Woerman

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Allyn Woerman
Updated: February 12, 2020


    Sons Scott, wife Jenny;
    Sean, wife Alison,


    Reagan 8, William 6

When Elected....Since we last met, lots has happened in our lives as no doubt it has with you. God has been gracious to us and has blessed us with good health, a wonderful family, especially our two precious grandchildren. They are the delights of our lives.

We are both fully retired from our working lives but are busy with church activities, leading or teaching topical studies and studying the Judeo (Hebrew) aspect of what JudeoChristian means. To assist in our studies and understanding we went to Israel last year and also went to Petra in Jordan - fascinating! Linda and I are planning on leading a trip back to Israel next year for our congregation.

We took a dej'vu road trip in 2016 meandering through the Midwest and Southwest visiting relatives and several of the Army posts where we had been assigned over the years of Active duty. My, how things have changed. Didn't get to San Antonio but that will be a trip by itself. Mesa Verde, Four Corners and Arches National Park were highlights. Stopped in Twin Falls where we lived from 2nd grade to 6th grade before moving to Moscow. Fun to see my old schools and house.

Linda and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018.  We had a family reunion in Sandpoint on Lake Pend Oreille with all the nieces and nephews from California in attendance too.  A fun week of food, games, wine and late night visiting.

Last summer, after rebuilding the deck in our back yard, we made a trip to California to Monterrey, down Hwy 101 to the Hurst Castle and then to Laguna Beach for the Pageant of the Masters which should be on everyone's bucket list even if you don't like art. Truly an amazing display. Then to Temecula to celebrate the 10th and 20th anniversaries of our kids at the Calloway Winery.  A great evening. A stop at the Reagan Library was most educational.

We are planning a trip to Europe this summer to visit our two "sons" who were exchange students and each lived with us for a year. We will be going to Germany, Austria and Hungary and we are excited about going.  We need to travel while we are still able and can enjoy the experience. Right?! May have some tales to tell when we get together in August.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Compared to what is going on today across the nation, we were blessed to be raised when and where we were.

Allyn & Linda Allyn, Linda and the Grandkids
50th Anniversary
Christmas Concert with Reagan and William

The Family at Pend Oreille Families are fun
Family Reunion Lake Pend d' Oreille 50th Anniversary
On the Mount of Olives celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Easter with the Grandkids
As President... I will... hmmm
Easter with the Grandkids
At The Reagan Library
Updated: June 4, 2010
Spouse: Linda
Linda Lee Olson (class of '67) and I were married in my Sr year of college. She curtailed her education to get me through graduate school and then get launched in my military career. For 42 years she has remained the cheerleader, confidant, friend, dedicated mother, soul mate and all around best of the best that any guy could ask for. She was a stat-at-home mom and home schooled our kids for several years and did an outstanding job. After we retired from the Army and moved to Washington state, she finished a degree in business and is an insurance verification specialist for a large physical therapy practice in the Tacoma area.

Scott Allyn 3-12-75  Graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in cellular molecular biology. He is the Senior Business Development Manager for Landau Associates, a geotechnical firm doing environmental and geotechnical work throughout the Pacific Northwest.  He will be starting the Executive MBA program this fall from the UW.  Married for 10 years to Jenny Kim. Jenny is a human resources spedicalist and insurance broker.  No grandkids yet but we do have a grandpup "Kato".

Sean Lee 7-14-77 graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in construction management and business and was recently promoted to Manager of the Special Projects Division for Lydig Construction Company. He and long-time girlfriend Alison Lonergan finally got married last September in Temecula California. Alison manages a department for Eddie Bauer and has won "Best in Bauer" 2 of the last 3 years as the top employee nationwide.


Well, the dreams of becoming a wealthy orthodontist fizzled with Dr Grieb and Qualitative analysis, so I went in pursuit of a career in physical therapy as well as the military.  So, upon graduating from the U of I and getting commissioned through Army ROTC, Linda and I set off for two years of graduate school in physical therapy in Southern California.

Upon leaving California, we embarked on a career in the Army which lasted 22 years with assignments in Kansas, Colorado, Germany, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma.  The Army sent me for a specialty master's degree in orthopedics at Emory University in Atlanta and then sent me to teach in their graduate program for therapists through Baylor University in San Antonio.  Along the way, I was able to publish several articles in various journals and write several chapters for some widely used text books in the therapy field. For several years I was on a national teaching circuit conducting continuing education seminars for graduate therapists.

Upon retiring in 1991 as a Lietenant Colonel, we moved closer to home and settled in Washington. I worked for several large practices in the Tacoma area before starting my own practice in 2000 with one of my old fraternity brothers who was here in the area.  I sold my business interests to him two years ago and now work part-time at Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft Lewis and also do contract work for private practices in the area. this lets me work as much or as little as I want, leaving time for golf and goofing off.

Last year we were host parents to a foreign exchange student from Hungary who spent his Sr year at Rogers High School here in Puyallup. Greg was a delight to have with us.  It is hard to say who learned more, him or us.  His mother came for his graduation and it was fun to spend time with her. We are going to Missoula to attend his sister's graduation (here under the same program) from Big Sky HS and meet their dad, so we will close the loop on the Soos' Familie.

We have also been an "away home" for various young ladies from around the world who are servant/missionaries who spend a year here working in a group home for developmentally disabled adults.  They need R & R a couple days a week from the home so that is what we do.  We now have "daughters" from Indonesia, Kenya, Congo, Germany and China.

I am presently in the recovery phase from having had a DaVinci robotic surgery for prostate cancer and am doing quite well. Linda is also a cancer survivor so we both get to wear the special tee-shirts this year at the Relay for Life.

We are looking to retire-retire in about a year if the economy doesn't totally tank and do some traveling.  We of course, have invitations to Hungary but hope to go to Australia, New Zealand (we've been to Fiji), Europe and then explore our own great country especially New England.

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