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Andrea Petersen Beckett
 Updated: July 23, 2015

50th MHS Reunion! Where did those 50 years go??

First 10 years:

Higher Education

Second 10 years:

Wedded bliss (?) and early motherhood

Third 10 years:

Continue growing and managing my tax accounting practice in Moscow
Proud to see daughter graduate from CA bay area California Maritime Academy
Enjoy several years of river rafting Idaho’s wild white waters

Next 10 years:

Tax accounting practice in full swing
Begin traveling near and far – from above Norway’s Arctic Circle down to Australia and New Zealand
Sadly experience loss of too many family members: father, sister Debbie, mother and sister Lynda

2015:  Here we are!  

Retired and ready to keeping traveling. Goal is to visit all of our Country’s National Parks.

Anyone want to join me?!



Labor day - 2001, Me & Heidi
Labor day - 2001, Heidi & Me

I don't know what it is about my given name: Andrea Leah Very few people have ever used it when talking or referring to me. And if I heard someone calling "Andrea ----", I probably wouldn't answer to it myself. Very strange…

Even when I was small my parents shortened my name to Annie or Andy. Much shorter and easier to say.

Then in junior high all you class mates starting call me "Gidget". Blame it on Hollywood and/or surfing and Sandra Dee. Or just being blonde… Gidget stuck into high school and even the U of I. By the time I transferred to the Univ of Washington in 1967 I was looking forward to being Andrea again. But, oh no, I was studying French, Spanish and linguistics and had to take on the French version of my name in the French-only speaking dorm.

Once finished with schooling and onto married life I became "Sweetheart" or "Darling". Within eight years that moniker had slid down into "Hey you" or even worse….
August 2003 - Salmon fishing on the Olympic Peninsula
August 2003 - Salmon fishing on the Olympic Peninsula

Okay, so back to Moscow and the Univ of Idaho. I began re-tooling for another career. Now the professors called me Mrs. Beckett, even if I wasn't a Mrs. anymore…Once I finished my courses in accounting and business law and passed the CPA exam, I was launched into a new career. By this time I've landed in the mid 1980's. I gradually began building my accounting practice, but still had lots of spare time. I had some friends in Moscow who were the pioneers of white water rafting. I began spending a serious amount of time rafting the Snake and Salmon Rivers. This is still my favorite sport. I love the time "White Water Annie" is able to spend on the river.

During the 80's and 90's I poured a lot of time and energy into raising my beautiful daughter Heidi and building my CPA practice. Now as I see lots of our classmates begin to retire from their jobs and careers, I, too, am looking forward to retirement. I've become a mentor for various accounting students. Ah, finally some respect. People will begin calling me by my given name….

     But, oh no, I'm now "AB". Even my parents call me AB!

I look forward to visiting with and catching up on all your life stories at our reunion the last week of July 2005.

Update: August 30, 2005

Check out the pictureFishing.. Karen Kiblen McGarvey and I went fishing in Seward Alaska in July 2005. What a catch!

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