Carol Dobler  

Carol Dobler

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Carol Dobler Harris
Forty years ago North Carolina was just a name on the map and I certainly never dreamed that is where I would be living. Currently, I'm working part time as a staff RN in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem. Brenners is just part of Wake Forest University Medical Center. Go Deacs!! We see a great variety of patients with a large percentage being children who have surgery for congenital heart defects. We also have a very active ECMO program. Then add in the usual traumas and respiratory illnesses, and it makes for a challenging and exciting work environment. I am the oldest of the staff in the PICU with the majority of the nurses being in the age range of my own children.

Husband, Gene, and I have four offspring.
Melinda, age 34, lives in Minneapolis with her dog Nej. She is finishing up a masters degree program and looking for a job teaching Jr. High math. After graduating from University of Alaska Fairbanks, she spent several year doing youth work in churches.

Mike, age 32, recently moved to Hawaii where he flies the Navy equivalent of the Gulfstream 4. He graduated from USNA in 1994, was winged in February 1997, and flew the S3 -- a carrier based refueler-- until February of this year. His girlfriend Kendalyn plans to join him in Hawaii in July when he returns from a month in the Gulf.

Mark, age 24, is a first year grad student in Physics at Cornell University. Last May he graduated from NC State --Go Wolfpack-- with majors in Physics and Math and a minor in Spanish. As part of his Spanish studies he spent a summer in Peru.

Kathleen, age 19, is a modern dance student at NC School of the Arts. She started in the ballet program her sophomore year of high school and switched to modern two years later. She chose to stay at NCSA for college because she likes the conservatory and small school atmosphere. She has made 2 trips to Hungary with other NCSA students to attend a dance program in Budapest.
Husband Gene is a counselor for an Arts and Technical High School in Greensboro where we live. He has spent most of the last 37 years working in high schools, plus five years working as a civilian for the military in Butte, MT and 3.5 years in grad school at University of Tulsa in Oklahoma.

After having lived in Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, and North Carolina and having visited other areas of the country, I still prefer the Northwest. My dream would be to return to Idaho or Montana after Kathleen graduates and Gene retires.

Our trip West this summer will be to Boise in late June for the wedding of a nephew.

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