Diane Wernecke  

Diane Wernecke

Mailing Address:

     12163 S.E. 13th Street
     Bellview, WA 98005

Phone: 425-432-3823

Diane Wernecke Cohen

Spouse : Raymond L. Cohen

     Robin D. Cohen
     Lori K. Cohen

My husband Ray and I will be celebrating our 34th year of mariage this fall. We still live in Bellevue and we own our own business now. Our oldest daughter, Robin, has returned to Bellevue after living in San Diego for two years. She is a wedding planner and works for a catering company in Seattle. Lori, our youngest, lives in Seattle. She did have a tech. job, but got laid off. She went back to school and is a massage therapyst. Both of the girls went to U of Oregon. Ray and I love to travel and are going to Ireland this spring.

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