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Donna Kindschy

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Phone: 509 924-1344
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Donna Kindschy White

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Updated: August 10, 2010
Spouse: F Jim White
A wonderful guy. I met him working on a white water raft trip. He loves the outdoors - all the seasons. He has really enriched my life.
Dwight, Marcy and Alicia (sitting)
Dwight, Marcy and Alicia

Alicia Baumgardner now in Youngsville, PA Randy and her have 3 cats, 2 pugs, and 15 chickens and 1 turtle - these I guess are my Grandchildren!  .
MarcySmith - CLC for NorthCoast Electric located in Bellevue WA
Dwight Smith now living ia a wonderful group home in Spokane Valley

Donna and Jim on Chatcolett

It seems like time is going so much faster than it used to!

After graduating from the University of Idaho in '69, I taught outside of Denver for one year, then back to school for Masters credits in Education. Dayton, Walla Walla and Readon WA followed until 1981 when we moved to Spokane WA. By this time we had 3 children. I've taught pre-school, 1st grade - 6th grad and special needs children. When teaching, never did I realize I would have a child with schizophrenia. We wish mental illness on no one. What a different world we have had to experience and learn about. 
In 1991 I traveled to Europe as a chaperone with High School students and the travel bug hit! I changed from teaching to planning travel. In 1992 I began my Travel career where I use my minors of history, art, drama, geography and interests in culture and countries.
The internet has help my business - I now have clients all over the United States. I'm a Premier Aussie Specialist - one of 80 chosen by Australia Tourism. I have been able travel to Australia many times, and in August 2015 I'm going to the Red Center and Top End.   As Kiwi Specialist (New Zealand) Jim and I explored a part of New Zealand not mentions often in November, 2014 the Coromandel Pennisula. Prior to this we went from Sydney to Carins along the Eastern Australia Coast.
My company is Journeys Down Under, LLC.  and email is

My Dad, Dwight Kindschy passed away 2 weeks from age 98. My Mother- Mary Jane is now 103 and still going.  Time spent with Mom is amazing.

Jim and I both enjoy camping and the great outdoors so we try to escape to the woods as often as possibe. When we married in 2005 Jim remodeled our home, plus we landscaped adding tons of dirt and large boulders. What a way to begin a marriage! Jim is now retired, I'm trying to figure out how to retire (I have trips in 2016 and 2017 I'm working on for clients).

Sydney, next is Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
Sydney, next is Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
at the Australia Zoo with a koala
at the Australia Zoo with a Koala
Kayaking with Jim
Kayaking with Jim

We still live by "the world is our playground, and we have a lot of playing left to do!".

Friends are so important in this life! If you are coming to Spokane let us know! We are usually home, or nearby, and look forward to seeing you.


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