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Updated: June 22, 2010

I hope everyone is fine in Moscow. I moved to Arizona in 2007 to be near my children and two granddaughters. I love it here even in the hot summer months which can be as nasty as the snow in Idaho, When I decided to leave Moscow, which took me 5 years to make the change, I told my son Scott I was worried about missing the Pacific Northwest and the seasons. He told me that if I really will miss the snow that he would personally fly me to Flagstaff and throw me in the biggest snow bank he could find. I laughed and said OK! I'm in. But fly me? He has his pilot license.

My granddaughters, Katherine 9 years old and Lauren 6 years old, are the loves of my life. We have a lot of girl time and have many interesting conversations of' which they love the fact: when I was a little girl there was no TV. And yes they are PC, IPod & DS, & Cell phone savvy. They are Wii fanatics and love river-rafting and camping, girl scouts, piano playing and karaoke with Taylor Swift.

My daughter-in-law, Deanna from Osburn ID, is attending ASU’s nursing program and has one more crazy year and is finding forensics quite fascinating. I watch the C.S.I.(s) but to be part of any of their functions  I'm just not sure my stomach or psych-e could stand the job.

My son Scott is employed at Boeing. He develops software programs and flies to Seattle and CA monthly and. is a very busy person. He has played, hockey since he was 3 years old and still going strong. He &. his hockey mate Chris are thinking of retiring and coach youth hockey. Probably better for their health.

My daughter Lindsay, works for Fry's "Kroger” grocery chain, at the corporate office in the Phoenix area. She is active in their charity events and volunteers for the Humane Society to get her "dog" fix. She has a cat but he does not like dogs. Go figure.

I work for a company called Senior Resource Group based out of California. No one has fired any one in Arizona yet because of the immigration law.. .but I may have to move to Athol. I don't think anyone but people from northern Idaho knows where that is and I may need to hide somewhere.

Our community specializes in Alzheimer’s and memory care. After 25 years in retail &15 years in the financial field I entered into a new career. I love this company and the help it gives to all stages of senior living.

There are 2 more employees that work here too.  Dawnise from Cd’A and Ruth from Boise, Small world.

I was in Sacramento in May to see my mom who turned 90. We had a birthday party for Mabel. Her youngest and only surviving sister Merlyn, who is 85 and lives In San Diego, came too. They had not seen each other in a very long time and had a wonderful visit.

I hope all of you. have a great time at the reunion. Only 45 years... brother!

My love to everyone. Doris Widman Squires


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