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Gayle Petersen Chamberlain
Updated June 29, 2015

Lake Wallowa - Better WeatherDave and I have been retired for some time now and continue to enjoy it.  We know several people who have flunked retirement and gone back to work, but that certainly has never been a temptation for us.  We enjoy the freedom to travel, work around our home, golf, or do nothing at all.  We have spent January through March in Quartzsite, Arizona, for the last five seasons and love that break from the cold and snow.  It is good to find the warmth of the sun and be able to get outside for just that short stay.  We know it will still be wintery when we get home, but that is OK.

We love to visit with our children and watch our grandchildren in their many activities.  Our oldest just graduated from high school and the youngest just finished kindergarten.  We have one who rides horses bareback; one who is a wonderful nerd;  one who plays nearly every sport;  one who is an artist;  one who is a hunter/fisherman;  and one who started us over as T-ball fans.  We love our kids, but grandkids are the icing on the cake.  We are about centered to the places they live so they keep us on the road and entertained.  It sounds tiring, but we love every minute.

Thank you to our classmates who have organized this reunion.  We appreciate you.  Dave and I are really looking forward to seeing our MHS friends.

Updated: October 10, 2013

These reunions are always so fun.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you.  I have enjoyed reading the bio updates.

Lake Wallowa - Better Weather
Dave and I - an Adventure! (8/26/2009)

Dave and I are both retired and could truly be the poster children for enjoying retirement.  We are still in Burns, Oregon.  The fact that there are still only three stoplights and way more cows in the county than people appeals to us more all the time.  We have taken up golf.  Dave's score is getting quite respectable, while mine is not.  But we love it anyway, and it is a fun way to get out and spend time together.  I am no more athletic now than I was in High School.  We have four grandchildren.  Two live here and two are only three hours away.  So we go to lots of concerts and football, soccer, and baseball games.  Grandkids are wonderful and they are always glad to see us.  Life doesn't get much better than that.  We have taken a few fun trips.  We went to Mexico last year and had a great time.  We weren't shot at, taken hostage, or given the flu.  We figured the worst drug problem we could have was getting home with some Mexican amoxicillin.  We also took a cruise to Alaska and had way better weather than we had any right to expect.  This winter we drove to Texas looking for warmer weather, but didn't find much. 

Looking forward to a good visit.  Thanks to the reunion committee.

Spouse:  Dave Chamberlain




High school graduation and then two years at the U of I. Married Dave Chamberlain in 1967 and I did one more year while he finished. We moved to Aberdeen, ID, where he taught high school ag. for two years. There our son Michael was born. Then back to Moscow for more schooling. In 1973, Dave joined the cooperative extension service and we moved to Owyhee, NV, for three years. While it was very isolated (grocery shopping every two months), we had wonderful experiences there and met life-long friends. Then we transfered to Las Vegas, which was the opposite side of the culture coin. We took in what the big city had to offer, but spent lots of time exploring the countryside, trying real hard to not see another human being during those excursions. In 1979, we adopted a beautiful two year old girl, Shanna. Dave accepted a position with Oregon extension and we moved to Roseburg in 1980, where our son Tom was born. After three years of rain, we headed for the high desert of eastern Oregon at Burns. We love the openness, the changing of the seasons, the hunting and exploring opportunies, the small town atmosphere, and even the cold winters and hot summers. We have been here almost twenty five years. I was a stay-at-home mom for quite a few years, volunteering in the schools when our children were little. Then I went to work for the Harney County School District and have been with them for eighteen years. I have worked in both the elementary school and the middle school with the Title I reading program and have thoroughly enjoyed that time helping children to read better. But I knew it was time to do some other put-off projects, so I retired the first of February and will be hanging up my whistle at the end of this school year. We still spend a lot of time in Idaho. My family is still in Moscow and now two of our children are there, too. So we go that way as often as possible. I spend most of the summer at Couer d'Alene Lake and play with our three grandchild when ever I get the chance,

I am looking forward to this class reunion. I still see us all as eighteen, but my arthritic fingers often remind me of the truth.

UPDATED - July 10th, 2005
Lake Wallowa - Better Weather
Dave and I went to Wallowa lake for our 38th anniversary.

Dave and I went to Wallowa lake for our 38th anniversary. It is still beautiful and the weather was much better than for the senior sneak in 1965!

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