Glen Owen  

Glenn Owen

Rest In Peace...
Glenn Owen
Glenn Owen passed away April 24, 2010 after a long battle with ALS.

OBITUARY: Glenn B. Owen

62, Moscow

Posted on: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glenn B OwenWhile in school, I worked at a men's clothing shop with an impeccable gentleman, 50 years my senior. Knute performed his duties with dignity, never took himself too seriously and was frequently the target of his own sharp wit. He was fond of asking, "If you had to do it all over again, would you do it in the same way?" The answer becomes more important with age as the time to amend for indiscretions of youth is fleeting. In any event, we owe it to our forbearers to keep marching with dignity, fortitude and faith in a manner that will inspire those who follow.

Thanks be to God for a wonderful life, loving family and friends. Please forgive my transgressions. To Sandra, my wife and best friend for almost 40 years, your unconditional love and sound judgment have been a constant source of strength. We have truly had a good life together. Have courage and enjoy our first grandchild.

Heather, Jolena, Drew and A.J.: We are proud of the kind and caring adults you are. Strive to keep things uncomplicated - employ common sense and feed your spirit by standing up for the underdog. Your lives will be shaped by the choices you make, and you are ultimately responsible for the consequences of your decisions. When facing a difficult problem, hedge your decision on the side of civility and generosity.

We have been fortunate to live among the rolling hills of Latah County and witness the change of seasons and glorious sunsets. Thank you for farmers, hard-working people of the soil, whose word is their bond. Thank you for business associates whose friendship and professionalism were the base of any business success we enjoyed. The privilege to teach for almost 30 years at the University of Idaho was an honor. Each year, students arrive in Moscow, generally at great financial sacrifice to their parents, with the aspiration of a better life through advanced education. Our duty as citizens of Idaho is to provide the finest education possible to those who have entrusted their futures to our stewardship. The obvious benefit is a well educated group of graduates to shape and protect our state. Go Vandals!

To be a part of Moscow's fabric has enriched our lives. I'll fondly remember Main Street on sunny days; the Moscow Hotel; Friendship Square; the Co-op; East City Park; Tri-State; the Silos; 600 University Ave.; the Administration Building's marble steps eroded with thousands of student footsteps; and the glory of high school athletics at the Bear Den.

It's a fine place to raise a family and grow old. I hope it will remain a friendly, vibrant, beautiful community to which you can always come home. Blessings on you and those you hold dear. Please join my family at the 1912 Center for a celebration of life; date and time to be scheduled. In lieu of flowers and memorials, please seek opportunities for random acts of kindness.


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