Herman Alberts  

Herman Alberts

Mailing Address:

     2194 S Waco St
     Aurora, CO 80013-4258

Phone: 303 671-6904
Herman Alberts
Spouse: Donnis R. Lord (Dona)


     5 for me, 3 for Dona, plus 12 grandkids (?)

Family - divorced from 1st wife who lives in Seattle area, as do all 5 of our kids right now. I remarried in 1993 and Dona has 3 grown children as well.

Brief post HS sketch (probably TMI!): After high school, moved to California with religious group (cult?) and was given the name "Phil". Was lucky enough to work my way through college at TRW and became known as Phil at work. After graduating from college and leaving the religious group, married and chose to work for TRW for about 2 1/2 years in Alice Springs, Australia (1972-1974). Spent about another 2 years each in Dallas and San Diego, and almost 5 years in the Orange County area of California working for a small company. Moved to Seattle in 1983 to support work at Boeing. After divorce in 1989, moved to Denver as a Boeing employee. Enjoy Colorado very much, and have hiked several "14ers", but do not yet ski. Have done the Pikes Peak half marathon the last 7 years, and hope to do it again this year. May make it by the reunion, but certainly wish all of you the best.

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