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Jan Shire Turner
Email update - July 1, 2014
Spouse: Gene

Kevin - the love of our life since 1989 He is currently 16 years old, soon to be a junior in high school, is on the high school golf team, plays soccer and a good student
I left Moscow for sunny California in February of 1966 and have lived in and around the state for almost 40 years. It doesn't seem possible. In the sixties, seventies and early eighties I worked in the manufacture of semiconductors. In those days it was mostly research and development and working with things (ie chemicals and equipment) that we knew nothing about. Strangely enough I was in on the bottom floor of modern technology and didn't know it. By the time I arrived and worked at Hewlett-Packard the light was on. Oddly enough by that time I was ready to move on.

My husband Gene (originally from Hyden, KY) and I at the age of 40 decided we would retire from our hectic jobs (Gene-Chief Financial Officer West Valley College and Jan-Sr. Tech Research and Development Hewlett-Packard) and move from the SF Bay area to the Sacramento area. So in 1987 we sold our house and moved to Sacto. This began the next segment of our lives.

We were carefree and adjusting to living on a fixed income when in 1989 things changed. We were lucky enough to adopt our son Kevin. At that point Gene decided to go back to work and to do that we ended back closer to the bay area. We made our home in Pleasanton, Ca, where Gene commuted to San Jose. When Kevin was in the second grade I decided to embark on a new path. I started working for the Pleasanton Unified School District in Special Education.

In 2001 we again decided to set ourselves up for retirement. Since we still had a child in school we decided a good(?) breaking point would be between the 6th and 7th grade. So here we are in Rocklin,CA. Well Gene is retired, Kevin is a junior in high school and I am a Para-educator for the Rocklin High School in Special Education. It's a good thing for me to be on the same campus as Kevin, but of course he doesn't think so. Those of you that are in education know that school is a whole different ball game than when we were so young and innocent. I hope to finish up high school again when Kevin does in two years. As we see him go off to college our retirement will begin AGAIN. Hope this one takes. Gene and I plan to do a lot of traveling. His Mom is from Europe and we are planning a trip with her in the future.

Sorry we cannot make the reunion as we were just home last summer and Kevin has a very hectic golf schedule.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's bios. Please feel free to look us up if and when you get to California.

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