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Jeanne Agidius Kalbfleisch
 Updated: July 11, 2015
Jeanne & Wayne
Me & my man

Fifty years?!!! I'm pretty excited about seeing lots of you again at the reunion, especially since I couldn't be there for the 45th. You'll know me; I'll be the one squealing and saying "Oh my word...I just can't believe it!"

Wayne & I are still traveling & exploring a lot. We've started doing some road trips that include hiking, while our bodies are still able. I admit, I'm purposely including pics of me being active: because you never know how long that's going to last ;-)

When we're home, most of our time is spent in various areas of volunteering. Two things that especially fill me with delight: being a Reading Buddy with a darling 2nd grader at a nearby school, and working at a non-food pantry. The stories of the people I meet there just touch my heart in ways I never dreamed. 

Like many of you have experienced, our family went through a difficult time last year as my mother's health failed, but this brought a special closeness with my brothers Pat and Paul as we worked through these struggles together. I've included a pic of the three of us, taken this summer. They still tease me mercilessly...and won't let me win at Monopoly...and I love them to pieces.

And, of course, the times we spend with our kids & grandkids are the best times of all. We all spent a week together at a beach house in Encinitas, CA, in March, but I'm NOT including the 678 pics from that week.

I've been trying to live more purposefully these live in the present. Whatever that means, from day to day, I'm making a conscious choice. At the end of the day, I don't always feel I've done that, but I am trying.

Even if you can't come to the reunion, I hope you'll share your story on these pages. God bless.

Being Silly with Bri & Allie On the Pend Oreille river Hiking in Utah
Being silly with Bri & Allie by Pend Oreille River Hiking in Utah


Updated: July 12, 2010

Oh man, I HATE it that I can't come to our 45th reunion! I had so much fun 5 years ago. But no one told me how busy we'd be once we retired. We've always loved to travel, and now that we aren't restricted to X-weeks of vacation time, it's hard to know when to stop. When we get home, it's "Oh, it's SO nice to be home!", but then there's another place we'd like to explore, so check on airfare again. My bucket list includes Italy, so that might be in the works soon. (We've never done a tour, but someone said the Rick Steves tours were great...any imput?)

How do I keep young?...well, I haven't :) But playing hide 'n seek & tag with grandkids ages 5, 7 & 11 keeps me out of a rocking chair. Church & community projects, spending time with family & friends...a glass of wine on the deck at the end of the is good. We never know what's just around the bend, but I trust in God for whatever is ahead.

So to my classmates of 1965, I raise my glass...cheers & Godspeed.

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Firehole Falls in Yellowstone Firehole Falls in Yellowstone Family in Puerto Vallarta Mexico - 2009 Firehole Falls in Yellowstone
Firehole Falls in Yellowstone Wayne & Jeanne Family in Puerto
Vallarta Mexico
On the road...or

Spouse: Wayne
Jeanne on Noah's scooter.

Corey lives in Seattle w/ wife Char & their Portuguese Water Dog Whidbey (no, they had him BEFORE Obamas got theirs).
Bryan & wife Michelle, kids Noah, Brianna & Allison live in Fulshear, Texas (just west of Houston).
I've been having so much fun reading the messages from the rest of you, feeling more & more nostalgic as I read. The nostalgia of looking back over 40 years leads to a desire to be profound, but I can tell that's just not gonna' happen right now (or ever!), so the best I can do is try to harness my rambling thoughts.

I guess the way I'd describe my life right now is FULL -- full of grace & blessings unearned & undeserved, full of the love of family & friends, full of memories: good times, bad times, & bad times that turned out to be good after all, and full of anticipation for the days ahead.

Some of you know I missed our 30 year reunion because of a battle with breast cancer; I'm celebrating ten cancer-free years this summer. That was one of those "bad times" that turned out to be one of the best times of my life.

I married my college-stud boyfriend Wayne right after we graduated (eeks! - married at 17 - what was I thinking?!!) "I love him, he loves me. How hard could this marriage thing be?" Well...more than once we both thought that this "marriage thing" was way too much hard work, and at times we didn't even like each other, but here we are: much older, a little wiser, but still in love. He's my snorkeling buddy, the voice that calms me when I'm upset, makes a better double shot nonfat latte than any Starbucks barista, and the only person who agrees with me that our grandchildren are absolutely extraordinary.

Wayne's in management with Central PreMix. We lived in Yakima for almost 30 years, and he traveled as his responsibilities expanded. Then two years ago, he was asked to take on a new role overseeing the Northwest Group's aggregate resources, with Spokane's corporate office as his home base. There were some tears as we left 30 years of friendships, but we were up for the new adventure. And because our grandchildren live in Spokane, he didn't exactly have to drag me kickin' & screamin'.
Our family at Thanksgiving
Our family at Thanksgiving

I've gotta' tell you: being mother to Corey, age 36, and Bryan, age 33, has been my greatest joy. Didn't always do everthing right -- but boy, did we have fun along the way. Corey's a financial analyst in Seattle. He & our favorite Swedish daughter-in-law Char (in finances as well) bought their first home on Queen Anne two summers ago. Wayne & I have been their landscaping consultants -- lots of fun running around to Seattle nurseries, helping them plan & plant.

Bryan & our favorite R.N. daughter-in-law Michelle live in Colbert, just 15 minutes from our home. Bry is following his dad's footsteps & is now Operations Manager for Spokane-Coeur d'Alene Central Pre-Mix. Michelle (she's my own personal "dial-a-nurse")is taking time off from her career to raise Noah, Brianna & Allison.

We've got a mutual admiration society going with those grandchildren! They are our absolute delight. Nothing else rates as high on the excitement scale as having a sleepover at Nana & Papa's.

After we got the kids through college, Wayne & I began doing some traveling. We just got back this week from three weeks in Israel & Greece (with a couple of days in Egypt & Jordan). It wasn't the places that made such an impression on me, but the people...the Bedoins in their desert tents, the Jewish & Palestine settlers, living side by side but in such distrust...I'm still sorting it all out in my mind, but I know I'll never read the newspaper the same way anymore. Once again, I'm FULL -- full of wonder about this great world God placed us in & all the people He gave us to live with.

Well, yeah, I did ramble. Thank you, reunion committee, for all you've done to plan this special time for us to get together & re-connect. Please know I'm so looking forward to seeing you all there!
At the Acropolis, overlooking Athens
At the Acropolis, overlooking Athens

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