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Judy Stube Donovan
Updated: September 19, 2014

Bill retired in June 2013---is getting used to it after a year!!! I am enjoying the company, since I retired 3 years before he decided to take the plunge!!!   Our son, Ian and daughter-in-law, Jodie have a 3+ year old-- Ava --an absolute JOY!!!  Still have the vineyard, actually it is doing quite well this year -- we hired a vineyard manager, 3 years ago -- that has been a great help --- we had some disappointing years, but have rebounded!!!   We have done some traveling, but plan to do more this next year. (The Oregon coast is just too close, too easy to get to, and we just love it so have not gone too far away from home!!!)  We are looking forward to the reunion!!!  

Has it really been 50 years???!!!

Spouse: Bill

     Ian - 36 years

Updated: June 15, 2010

The latest and greatest news is we will be grandparents in Nov. 2010 - 1st time!  Ian married a lovely woman, Jodie, in 2007.  They live in Seattle.  She plans to be a doctor in the next few years!

Then! - I retired after 40 years as a physical therapist.  Boy, do I physically feel better!  But then I have gotten sore with the yard work and such.  Have been able to travel with Bill when he is off on a business trip - here in Oregon and Northern Calif.  We still have our vineyard - added about 500-600 more plants.  We have a couple of younger men helping us.  Some of the bending down and pruning can get to you!

Bill plans to retire in the next 2-3 years.  Then we plan to discover more of Oregon, Idaho and parts of Washington.

Am looking forward to seeing everyone!

Decided that I better write something even though the reunion was in July and I had blast seeing and talking with everyone.

After graduating from MHS -- the U Of Idaho was next -- amazing that I actually graduated in l969 -- then off to Philadelphia, PA. and the University of Pennsylvania. I received a Certificate of Physical Therapy in l970 and was off on a 35 year journey that has been rewarding and wonderful. Spent time working in Washington, D.C. and in Philly -- leaving for the Northwest and Portland, Oregon -- have been in this part of the world for over 30 years.

Met my best friend for life, Bill Donovan in l979 plus his son, Ian, my other best friend for life. The Williamette Valley has been our home for 25 years ( with a 3 year sojourn to Prineville, OR.) then back to Monmouth, OR. In l990, we purchased 10 acres south of Independence, OR. Decided that we would plant on some of the acreage -- pinot noir grapes -- no wine making -- just grow the grapes -- which is enough of a task without anything else involved. We also decided to move out to the "Farm" in l999 -- leaving a 5-6 bedroom home in Monmouth--don't miss the cleaning and upkeep, but do miss the space for "stuff" -- our new home is a very rustic place but cozy.

Ian lives in the Northern California and works -- not married at yet -- Bill works for an industrial paint company as a sales/service technician and travels all over the United States on a regular basis -- I'm working in a skilled rehab facility in Mt. Angel, Oregon. Will hopefully retire from here in the next 4-5 years.

We enjoy fishing, taking care of the grapes, driving around Oregon -- it's a beautiful state!!! and just sitting on our front porch and watching sunsets over the Coast Range.

Had a wonderful time at the reunion and enjoyed visiting with everyone..

I vote for a 45th celebration!!! Would love to hear from any and all!!!


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