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Karen Westberg
Updated April 27, 2015

Florence, my friend and housemate, and I are blessed with many cats – we are honest-to-goodness ‘crazy old cat ladies’, and we love it!!  We have obtained these fascinating, fun felines in different ways.  Some of them came from shelters, some just ‘showed up’, some were given to us, some we ‘inherited’, and some had kittens!  Eventually, though, all the cats get spayed and neutered; and we are so grateful for the excellent medical care they receive.  Cats are exquisitely beautiful and so intelligent.  We are constantly being amazed by the intelligence they possess, by their unique, individual personalities, and by their sense of fun!  They really know how to have a good time – to our great enjoyment; they have us laughing a lot!  There is no such being as an ‘ordinary’ cat, ‘only’ a cat, ‘just’ a cat – each and every cat charms and delights in his or her own special way.  Something else that is so remarkable about cats is how very like people they are, how like humans!  There is a bond between animals and people, and living with animals 24/7 can help people truly appreciate and marvel at the preciousness of all living, breathing, feeling, intelligent, life-loving beings of all species.  All life should be nurtured and validated – and cherished.  And so respected!!  All life ‘forms’ – all life is enchanting.  Awesome. 

So , it is a privilege to be able to spend so much time with, and to take care of, all these cats!  Florence’s home is a perfect haven for cats.  Her basement is set up for cats, and there is a large pen for them in her backyard, which they have access to with a couple of cat doors.  They can enjoy ‘the great outdoors’ while being safe within the pen.  There are cats upstairs, downstairs, and outside – and there are neighborhood cats who come around, and Florence makes sure they are fed well.  The cats enhance our lives and give us great joy!  They are the center of our lives.  Awesome.


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