Kathy Dye  

Kathy Dye

Mailing Address:

     829 Reiten Drive
     Ashland, OR 97520

Phone: 916-467-7059
Kathy Dye aka Annie Katz
Updated: June 15, 2020

Greetings from Ashland, Oregon.

Kathy 2020June 2020 Update from Annie Katz:

Now I'm living in a charming country cottage a few miles from Ashland, Oregon.

This is a wonderful, safe place to enjoy nature, read, write, and appreciate being alive.

Please read my novels, available online from Amazon, and tell your friends about them.

Thank you!
My website is at www.AnnieKatz.com

Updated June 5, 2015

Since my last update, I've moved to Orangevale, California,a little town northeast of Sacramento. I couldn't get my sister Connie to move to Maui, so I moved to her part of the country instead, and so far I love living here.

I'm still writing novels, and my fourth one, MANGO COTTAGE, is now available on Amazon. Mango Cottage is a sweet love story for retired folks. If you love dogs, tropical beaches, and believable stories with happy endings, please read it. Here's the link: www.amazon.com/Annie-Katz/e/B009MF970I/

Anne Katz - AKA Kathy Dye
Anne Katz - AKA Kathy Dye... The 2014 View

Aloha! I'm retired from my day job, so I'm enjoying life as a fulltime novelist. My eBooks LILA BLUE and SOMEPLACE WARM are available through Amazon's Kindle Store, and my new novel CARA'S HOUSE will be available there soon. If you enjoy reading heartwarming fiction about believable characters, please read my stories. For current news and photos:   www.anniekatz.com   

Thank you for reading this. May you be blessed with vibrant good health and great happiness.

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