Ken Caldwell Ken Caldwell

Ken Caldwell

Mailing Address:

     1000 Purusha Place Apt 119
     Romney, WV 26757-5016

Phone: 304-460-8820 (new Dec. 2019)
Ken Caldwell
 Updated: August 2, 2021
Ken sunning on Ice Mountain WV
Enjoying a little sun on Ice Mountain, WV
 Updated: February 4, 2020
A proud West Virginian on a 70° February 3rd day near Capon Bridge, WV.
A proud West Virginian on a 70° February 3rd day near Capon Bridge, WV.
Spending lots of time the last few years volunteering with the local arts council - setting up over 80 artist exhibits in local banks and libraries, and volunteering with the county visitors bureau - creating a tourist map for the county. Signed up to be a 2020 Census worker and am waiting for my training so I can start knocking on doors while avoiding being chased down Country Roads (WV's state song) by rabid Rottweilers!

 Updated: December 8, 2019
Biking in the woods
 Updated: July 21, 2015
YouTube Video No Longer Available

I think we should do a re-enactment of Chicken in the Library for the LCHS video project. I volunteer to play the role of the chicken.

Ken Caldwell
A little more recent picture...
These are probably best for my page. I'm sure none of these girls wants to remember how many times I stepped on their toes!
Check out the picture'61 Queen's Ball Check out the picture'61 Queen's Ball #2
Check out the picture'61 Deb's Night Check out the picture'63 Deb's Night
Check out the picture'63 Senior Ball Check out the picture'64 Senior Ball
Check out the picture'62 Girls' League Dance Check out the picture'64 Junior Prom

BIO Update - 12/29/2007

Ken Caldwell
09/28/08 Update - Near my home is a 200 acre field of organic sunflowers being grown for their oil. The T-shirt says: "Spokane Chiefs, 2008 Western Hockey League Champions." Inland Empire RULES!!!

Graduated WSU in 1969, and worked in the Southern Eskimo (Yupik) village of New Stuyahok, on the Nushagak River, in Bristol Bay, Alaska, for the VISTA program. Taught English as a second language, and helped villagers qualify for and implement state and federally-funded housing, water, and sewer projects.

While in Fairbanks, working intermittently on the Alaska Pipeline for several years, I took a course at the University of Alaska in Transcendental Meditation. That was followed by a series of courses at Maharishi University of Management campuses in Spain, Switzerland, France, Holland, and India, and full-time employment by MUM for 30 years in Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Germany, Turkey, North Cyprus, Spokane, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Iowa, Ohio, and North Carolina. My being single all these years, and my willingness to live out of a suitcase, have provided job opportunities that others with deeper roots and stronger attachments might not jump at.

Now I'm semi-retired, currently living on the U.S. campus of MUM ( in Fairfield, Iowa.

I return to Moscow a few weeks every summer to visit my mom, hang out with classmates, and do as much mountain biking as possible on Moscow Mountain, around the Palouse, and in the Bitterroots. I plan to attend all future reunions, since any excuse to spend time in Moscow and the PNW works for me, and I love chillin' with so many good friends from our class. Our lives have taken different directions, but for me the bonds of friendship are stronger now than ever. Didn't expect it, but that's my experience. It's been a delightful surprise.

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