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LeNelle Martin McInturff
 Updated: July 20, 2015

Fifty years later and I can finally say I am a college graduate. I got my BA in English at the University of Idaho in May 2011 on the 46-year plan – brief flurries of taking classes, followed by long periods of no classes, then changing majors, taking more classes, then no classes, then changing majors again, and repeating until I eventually settled on English as a major and finished the job. It was interesting, to say the least, to sit in classes with fellow students who could have been my grandchildren, but they were consistently kind to the gray-haired lady in their midst.

After retiring from full time work at the U of I in 2009, I worked part time for three years as the editorial assistant for the analytical chemistry journal Applied Spectroscopy, electronically processing manuscripts submitted for publication from all over the world. Now that I’m fully retired I enjoy traveling with friends and family, with the Idaho Roadrunners, and with Road Scholar programs. I also enjoy serving on the board of trustees for the Latah County Historical Society, volunteering at LCHS events and helping with the Society’s collections. I (sort of) learned to play bridge a couple years ago, but I really love playing pinochle with a senior citizens group now on Saturday afternoons. I only hope I can age as gracefully as some of those card players. Someday I may get caught up with landscaping plans and renovations to the house – or maybe I won’t. I’ve been blessed with wonderful family and reasonably good health and hope to participate in class reunions for years to come.

That's me!

Spouse: (divorced)



40 years later and happy to be here.

I'm living on my half acre of Palouse soil with views toward Paradise Ridge and the Genesee Valley. I hear birds singing in the peaceful morning (and sometimes crop dusters buzzing overhead) and frogs croaking in the evening. I enjoy inspiring sunsets (CLICK to check out the pictureOne from December ). Life is mostly simple and good.

I left Moscow for Pepperdine College, when it was still in Los Angeles. I met a native Californian as we lined up to register for classes and we married a year later. After a few years in Southern California we wanted a better environment to raise a family and we ended up back in Moscow. After a few more years we divorced and I went to work as a secretary at the University of Idaho.

It's been interesting to watch the generations around us interweave into the fabric of life. Living here in Moscow over the past 30 years, my daughters went to school with some of your sons and daughters, just as some of our parents were classmates before us. I've worked with some of your parents, and I've enjoyed getting to know classmates I didn't get to know very well in school. Now I'm working with some of your grown children - and I'm seeing some striking family resemblances! If I don't retire soon, I'll probably be finding the names of some of your grandchildren on chemistry class rosters.

Lisa, Debbie & Andrew
Lisa, Debbie & Andrew
My daughters Lisa and Debbie have grown into intelligent young women, independent and responsible, following their own separate dreams. They have both been sources of great satisfaction for me. Lisa gave up athletics in school to play violin and viola in the high school orchestra and the smaller Corelli Ensemble; Debbie decided she'd rather concentrate on sports - volleyball, basketball and softball - and was a part of the MHS girls' state champion basketball team her senior year. (Definitely not a chip off the old block in that department!) They both beat me to a college degree - Lisa in marketing and Debbie in biochemistry. Portland and Vancouver are home for them - nice places for me to visit. Debbie and Andrew were married in 2001.

Nine months of cancer treatments seven years ago gave me a changed perspective on life and rearranged some of my priorities. Since then I've seen the Grand Canyon and the Southwest across to Mesa Verde, visited Tennessee twice (Graceland and the Grand Ole Opry with Willie Nelson on stage), and last year toured the Heart of Texas. Louise (Morton) Brown and my sister Bonnie have been wonderful traveling companions.

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