Lynn Farber Lynn Farber Gamble

Lynn Farber

Mailing Address:

     18721 E Boone Ave
     Spokane Valley, WA 99016

Phone: 509 228-9790
Lynn Farber Gamble
Spouse:  William


     Tamera 38
     Todd 35
     Tara 33

     Grandchildren and step grandchildren too many to mention

I have been reading the website for months before I finally decided to return and see everyone after 40 years. That is a long time. Some days it seems like yesterday and sometimes forever.

Life has had its ups and downs.

I graduated from Community College in 1969 and have have many careers over the years. I went from stay at home mom to Alcoholism Counselor in long term treatment. After to many 24-7 shifts I went into the plumbing and heating field. Stayed there for 10 years and then moved on. After my divorce I stayed single for many years but married my husband Bill in 1991 after knowing him for 9 years. He is retired. I have tried that several times but doesn't work for me.

I moved back to Idaho (Plummer) if you can imagine that and was retail manager for a business.

After much thought, we sold the place and moved back to Spokane.

Tammy (my oldest) and us built a duplex in the Valley and enjoy it very much. A duplex was best after she informed me I would have to live with her if something happened to my husband. (No way).

My son Todd is the Sargent of the College Place Police Department and has a wonderful wife and five boys. That's a lot to handle.

Tara has two wonderful children and lives just out of Spokane. She suffers from M.S. so it is good to be close to her. I have a lovely step daughter and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Don't have any pictures to post as I don't do the picture thing.

I am currently working for Petrocard Systems, Inc. out of Kent Washington in our offices in Spokane. Hopefully someday I will think it necessary to retire.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks. I think it will be great fun.

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