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Margo Anderson Foote
 Updated: July 13, 2015

When John and I left the 40 year reunion, we'd had such a wonderful time on our trip to Idaho that we immediately started making plans to go back for the 45.  As you may have noticed, those plans fell apart when we discovered that we could not afford it.  So we started making plans to drive cross-country for the 50.  About a year into those plans, I fell and broke my hip. That healed but during the process, many other aspects of my health went downhill and I ended up having to retire because I could no longer stand up long enough to do my job.  About a year later, John's health began to also go downhill and he ended up having to retire also.  Neither one of us has anything real major wrong with us but just a myriad of little which leave us unable to do any traveling at this time. 

Our family has not changed since my last addition here except that we now have a three year old great granddaughter -- Aubree.

Please know that if it was at all possible, we would be at this reunion especially since it is my birthday weekend.  Hopefully, we will get our health troubles figured out and taken care of and be able to make it to the next one.  Meanwhile, I'll be thinking of all of you.  Have fun for yourselves and a little extra for me. 

Updated: May 28, 2010

I think it's been hard for me to write anything because it seems that nothing has changed in my life since the last reunion.  This is not a bad thing, just kinda boring for those reading about it. Our life was pretty good 5 years ago and still is.

We are still working at the same jobs, still hoping to win the lottery so we can retire.  In about 2 weeks, I am actually cutting back to part time and will only work about 30 hours a week after that.  A 6 hour work day is so much easier on me than a full 8.  I wish John had that option but for him, it's full time or nothing and for the forseeable future we need for him to stay and keep that insurance going.  He's old enough now to go on medicare but we are really concerned about that stupid gap thing and he needs quite a few heart medications that I don't know how we'd get through that period.  Maybe we are just too stupid to understand it all and if anyone out there does, feel free to call and give me advice.

I have been planning for five years to be at this reunion but now I won't be able to make it.  I have plenty of vacation time but John has used most of his already and it wouldn't be fair for me to make the trip and leave him home. He actually has relatives still in the area who would love to see him and I don't.  I absolutely, 100% will be at the next one though. 

I know I've mentioned from time to time how much I love to remodel the house and you may be surprised to learn that I haven't done any of that lately.  I took a week off in April and put down new carpet in our bedroom, and built a new bed frame.  That's as close as it comes to any remodeling.  Do you think I've gotten lazy? I do!!  I'll have to think up something soon or die of boredom.  I have quite a few ideas kicking around to remodel my sewing/laundry room but just haven't got around to it yet.  Maybe this year.

Son Tyler is still with the same company as last time but they have changed their name.  Still with Corey and still planning to get married some day.  They have moved into a really cool house out of town a little ways and are fixing it up very nicely.

Daughter Amanda finally graduated from Ohio State about a year ago and don't you just know it the job market disintegrated.  She's over-qualified for most everything and not qualified enough for the rest. She just started working the front desk at Holiday Inn a couple weeks ago and seems to like that as a temporary fix.  She's hoping to go back to school and get another degree but has to first get her ducks in a row.  Right now, she and her two are staying with us till she gets a little more on her feet.

Grandkids have not increased in number, just in age and experience.  Still have about a dozen of them ranging in age from 8 to 20.  So far none married and no great-grandkids--unless we're being kept in the dark.

I do have a new love in my life.  About a year ago my son introduced me to FarmTown on Facebook and I have spent most of my spare time there farming away ever since.  Barb Martin Cooksey has joined me there and anyone looking for a way to while away some time is more than welcome to join us.  If nothing else it's a fun way to keep in touch with those you can't see and talk with all the time.

Hope you all have a great time at the reunion and I'll be watching the website for all the pictures and updates to see how all of you are doing.  I will probably spend some time that weekend crying about not being there just like I did when I couldn't make it to the 20th but that's just me. I'll be thinking a lot about the good old days and how much I wish that I'd known then how good those times really were.  I would have paid closer attention.  Love to all Margo

Spouse: John Foote

Tyler Kline   (34) currently single, father of Christopher John (10), Cody David (10), Cameron Mark (8) and Andrea Faith (7) 
Amanda Foote   Ernsberger (28) currently divorcing, mother of Logan John (2) and Ember Jade (2)
     I also have two step-sons (one deceased) and four step-grandkids.


Grandkids.. Cameron, Chris, Cody and Andrea
Grandkids.. Cameron, Chris, Cody and Andrea
When we had our last reunion, I was living in Moscow and honestly thought that I would live out the rest of my days there. But real life seems to have a way of interfering with my plans. My sons twin boys were living outside of Pittsburg with their mom and he and his wife were in a suburb of Columbus, so for the millionth (and hopefully last) time we packed up all our belongings and moved here to be closer to all of them. Not too long after we got here, Ty moved to Mansfield to be closer to us.

After we had been here a couple of years, Ty's wife was killed in a car accident leaving him with Cam (then 2) and Andrea (then 1). We had them move in with us and I started raising kids again. They were with us for about five years and just moved out last spring. But I still pick the kids up from school everyday so I see them all the time and in fact plan to bring them to Moscow with me for the reunion so they can meet their Idaho relatives.

Our daughter married and they bought the house next door to us. Their twins were born in June of 2002 and because they are so close, I get to see them almost every day also. They may also be in Moscow when we are because Mandy should be having her 10 year reunion somewhere around the same time as ours.

We are constantly remodeling the house (John says the worst thing he ever taught me was which walls were bearing walls and which were not, because he's likely to go off to work and come home to find a wall or two missing) But I'm not nearly as bad at that as I used to be, now I usually discuss it with him first. I don't know if I'll ever get it the way I want it but I keep trying.

John is now working in the auto industry for a parts manufacturer. If any of you have GM vehicles you probably have some parts made by John.

I am still working as a baker/cake decorator. My official title is Cake Decorator because that way they can pay me less. I was a baker and then last spring they changed everything around. Cut all our pay and everything. They changed over to almost all pre-baked goods so they could say they didn't need bakers. I used to be really proud of my breads, rolls, brownies and all but it's pretty hard to be proud of this new stuff. I guess that's the way of the future, but if I was ten years younger, I would try to start my own bakery with real baked goods. I'm just at a point in my life where I'm not willing to work the kind of hours needed to start up a business like that or to give up my health insurance.

I had planned to include some pictures but I have to wait for my son to help me so I'll send them along later.

See you all at the reunion.

Update: August 30, 2005
My son Ty and his girlfriend Corey. When I said I wanted to take his kids to Idaho with my for the reunion trip, they said "Sure" and immediately made reservations in Cancun.   My daughter Mandy with her two Logan and Ember and Ty's younger two Andrea and Cameron.
My son Ty and his girlfriend Corey. When I said I wanted to take his kids to Idaho with me for the reunion trip, they said "Sure" and immediately made reservations in Cancun.   My daughter Mandy with her two Logan and Ember and Ty's younger two Andrea and Cameron.
Also a little bit of new news, Mandy is no longer getting a divorce.. She and Rick have patched things up and John and I could not be happier. He is the best son-in-law in the world.

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