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Polly Thompson Crowley
 Updated: July 19, 2015
Spouse: Tom Crowley

     Lora Jackson, age 43, parent to Zion, age 14 and Maya, age 12.
     Craig, age 41, married to Michele; parents to Ellis, age 12 and Drew age 10.
     Peter, age 39, married to Amber; parents to Owen, age 12 and twins Vince and Will age 8.

Hard to believe it's been 50 years since graduation; but aren't we still kids at heart?  Three years ago I retired from superintendent of West Valley School District in Spokane.  Retirement just keeps getting busier and better.

What a treat to have the time to drive to Moscow for the reunion planning meetings.  Apparently we like excuses to get together - the committee just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I look forward to visiting with you all on July 24-26.

Favorite activities are camping, snow skiing, water skiing, biking, quilting, traveling near and far.  We spend most summer weekends hanging out with our kids and grandkids at our Lake Coeur d'Alene cabin.  Since all 7 grandkids live close, I take in plenty of soccer, basketball, track, recitals and so on.  I enjoy having time to volunteer for United Way, West Valley Foundation and other community groups.


Crowley gang, Glacier Park 2004
Crowley gang, Glacier Park 2004
I missed our 30th reunion, so I am excited about reconnecting this summer. I guess we've all seen many changes. Our most fun and happy change (Oh, yes, I'm still married to Tom! It must be going on 37 years.) is the increasing size of our family. For awhile we thought that our kids (Lora, Craig and Pete) would never get around to helping us out on that. But when they got in gear, we multiplied in a hurry…the marriages and then the grandkids. First came Zion, in 2001, and then within six months between December, 2002 and June, 2003, three more grandbabies were born. Now we're expecting number five in April, 2005.

Even though Lora's family is in Seattle, Peter's is in Moscow and Craig's is in Spokane, we all seem to gravitate together to do lots of stuff. I guess we thrive on the chaos. One of the gathering places is the family cabin on Lake Coeur d'Alene. Most of us over twenty-eight year olds love to water ski. (Tom's preference is the fishing boat.) I'm sure the little ones will be coaxed onto skiis before long. Our sons decided the youngsters need to grow up backpacking in the family tradition. This last summer with four young ones, we convinced them that a modification to tent camping in Glacier with day hikes might be the more practical solution. In the photo you can see the whole happy clan pictured at Many Glacier (where Tom guided tours during his college years). Winter finds us looking for a family snow skiing weekend - this year we found great snow during Christmas break at Big White in B.C.

In our careers Tom and I have never ventured far from schooling. Now we are both superintendents. For me that is brand new, transitioning on January 1, 2005 to Superintendent of West Valley School District in Spokane. Tom is in year 20 as a superintendent, splitting his tenure between Reardan and Rosalia, Washington. I try to insist that our dinner table conversation is NOT about schools! We are somewhat the vagabonds as we move between a home in Rosalia and another home on the Spokane River near Post Falls. It's a good thing when no one knows exactly where we are at any given time! We built the Spokane River home in 2001 with the desire for it to be our retirement abode. (Unfortunately, retirement doesn't seem to be on the horizon any time real soon.)

Aside from grandkids and careers, Tom escapes for hunting or fishing whenever possible. I gravitate to the garden for stress relief. Each of the last two summers I finished sprint triathalons (Danskin and Lake Summamish), so I will try to force myself into training again this summer. We have had amazing travel experiences in third world countries - Congo, Haiiti, Peru and Guatamala. Tom thinks someplace like Cambodia should be next on the list.

Forty years out from high school, it will be incredible to compare all of our life journies.

See you soon,


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