Sharon Thompson Sharon Thompson Granville-Martin

Sharon Thompson

Mailing Address:

     2717 7th Street South
     Cranbrook, BC V1C 4R8, Canada

Phone: 250 426-8350
Sharon Thompson Granville-Martin
Updated: June 2, 2010
Spouse: Roger Granville-Martin


Aaron (deceased at 29)
Ryan - 35
Jared - 29

Since retiring we spend as much time with family as possible.  We make 2 trips a year to Toronto to visit our son Ryan, his wife Mia and our beautiful granddaughter Astrid.  We also purchased a house in Santa Clara, Mexico, a small fishing village in the Yucatan.  Our house is by the ocean and we have spent the last two years there for two months in the fall and two months in the winter, renovating and adding a top floor.  We are enjoying learning Spanish and making some wonderful Mexican friends.  We spend time at home in the summer gardening, camping, hiking, helping our son Jared and his girlfriend renovate their house and yard.  We also spend time at our family cabin in Calder, Idaho, on the St. Joe River.  There is definitely not enough time in retirement for all the things we want and need to do!


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