Velda Marshall - '63 Yearbook Picture Velda Marshall Carlson

Velda Marshall

Mailing Address:

     PO Box 628
     (100 Pile St. # 5)
     Bovill, ID 83806

Phone:   208-826-3033
Velda Marshall Carlson

Updated: July 9, 2010
Spouse: Jimmie Carlson

Kids:  Doris, Julie, Kenneth, Michelle, Becky

Still living in Idaho, but have traveled to many different states and Canada.  I now live in Bovill.  Bought a trail court and have been cleaning and fixing it up.  I only rent it to people who only want to stay for the night or just a couple of months. It is on the west side of town over looking the meadow.  Class mates are welcome to stay for free while in town for the day.

Would like to put some type of housing on one of the spaces and rent it out by the day.

I have 5 children and too many grand kids to keep up with, but love them all.

I don't work out on any jobs right now, but it seems that I do more work around home.  Guess maybe I should go back to work to get some rest.

I enjoy crafts, needlework and gardening.  For my crafts, I turned one of the bedrooms into my room, where I can enjoy doing these kind of things.  For my gardening, I have turned the corner by my house into my garden, complete with a pond for waterlilies and fish.  I am still creating things in the garden, probably will always be doing that.

I am not a real electronic person, so I don't spend to much time on the computor or phone. Would rather create, garden or just set and enjoy the peace and quite (after the grandkids leave).  Do enjoy seeing new places, in fact I would rather take a bus than fly, just so I can see things, I haven't seen before.


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