Moscow High School, Class of 1965           The Rest of the Story -

Have you ever wondered what happened to those entrusted with managing the "success" of our education??? Someone did and they gathered some information and sent this in. If you have more info on the "Faculty", please send it along.

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Maybelle Gehrke continued as librarian until she retired.  She always ran a tight ship.  You could hear a pin drop in the library.  The rumored romance with Ted Correll (boy's counselor) never had any basis in fact and they both retired unattached. 

Clyde Youmans (shop) continued to be a popular shop teacher.  He died in the saddle from lung cancer, probably from poor ventilation in the shop. 

Walt Snodgrass (band) stayed in Moscow till his retirement. 
Chuck Gould (geometry) retired shortly after we graduated. 

Lorna Shuette (US History) taught two more years then retired. 

Chuck Sutton became the Superintend ant of Schools.  He was a successful and popular in that capacity.  

Coach Seth Parkinson moved to Driggs, Idaho.

Margaret Shimke (government) and became active in community politics. 

Pauline Whitehead taught another six years before retiring as an ever popular English teacher. 

Kirk Rush continued to teach Ag and farmed just below Moscow Mountain.  His son became head of the Wheat Commission, then Director of the Idaho Department of Agriculture.  The family still farms the home place.

James Schoeflin, wrote the school Alma matter and taught choir. 

Tom Jackson (freshman English) went to work for the Idaho Department of Employment and eventually became the regional director in Lewiston.  He was very effective and popular in that capacity. 

Gayle Hungerford (junior English) continued to teach English for many years and was a voted teacher or the year (well deserved). 

The science department hung on till retirement. 

Doc Harmon (biology - not really a doc) and Floyd Paulson (chemistry) taught for another five years;  

Katherine Day (physics) for another seven.  Her shingles became even more painful.  Everyone became more understanding and compassionate of what she was going through.  We didn't know about the medical problem she had, and she had a lot of grit. 

Stowell Johnstone tried the graduate program in education at the university (unsuccessfully), then took a principals' job in Alaska. 

Superintendent McDonald tenure was highlighted by teacher strikes and lawsuits from the teachers union.  He finally left town.

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