Photo - First Light on Palouse Hills by Alison Meyer
I'm excited about having an informative web site that includes information about all of our classmates. CLICK HERE for an example.

I hope you'll be able to participate!  If you have any questions about the web site, please contact me () and let me know.

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Updated July 30, 2013

Please provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing.  You can use the form below to provide input or send it to me via .  Pictures would be a great addition too.  If you choose to send pictures, there are now three options.

  • Use this form to attach your pictures or other detail as files in "jpg", "zip", "gif", "jpeg", "bmp", "png", "tif" or "pdf" format.  The fields at the bottom of this form will do that for you. If your files are larger than 1.5MB, please send them as Email attachments (next option).
  • Forward them as Email attachments ().
  • Mail them to me at:

         Connie Sever
         706 Spruce Ave
         Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

If you choose to mail pictures to me, I'll digitize them and return them at the reunion or via mail (provide a self addressed and stamped return envelope).

I will create a separate page for each of classmate that submits information and it will be accessed via an index or by clicking on the classmate's pictures.

Your Name:
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Mailing Address:
City:  State: ZIP:
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Include my Email on the web site (Check for Yes)
Include my Mailing address on the web site (Check for Yes)


There's plenty of room for LOTS of information here... It's just a small box so it presents easily. Feel free to include plenty of info on where you are.. where you've been and where you're going (if you like).

You may upload your photos or files now: ("jpg", "zip", "gif", "jpeg", "bmp", "png", "tif" or "pdf")

Note: You may upload files, up to four at a time, or include multiple photos within a Zip file - 1.5M maximum file size for each file.  If your files are larger, please send them as an Email attachment.
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NOTE: Depending on the size of your photo files... it may take a bit of time for the webpage to send you to the "Thank You" page.  Please be patient!


Best to all.

Connie Sever
208 667-3566

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