Moscow High School, Class of 1965The Class of '65 had a GREAT reunion. This page is provided to let you know what kind of material is included in this CD and some suggestions for how to use it.

First…. The CD is, for the most part, a copy of the Class website at It also contains some of the "original" images in LARGE format that are suitable for re-printing. Among those are grade school and earlier reunion photos.

In order to view the site on CD, your computer's web browser will need to be able to accommodate JavaScript elements. Here are a couple of simple steps to access the CD information.
  1. Insert the CD into your CD drive. The CD "should" auto-start with the Reunion home page. If it does not start automatically:
    1. Depending on your PCs operating system, you may be prompted to browse the drive using the Windows Explorer (or equivalent).
  2. View the CD contents. You will see several files and folders.
  3. Scroll down and locate the file named "index.html". Click on it and open it. This is the "home page".
  4. You will then be able to navigate around the site.
In addition to the website, there are many large pictures that you may wish to view or print yourself. Those photos are stored within the Images folder, feel free to browse the files and folders inside this directory to see them.

Inside of the Documents folder, you will find a WAB (Windows Address Book) directory with the name, Email and address info (if available) of classmates and this page in Rich Text Format (readme.rtf) that can be read by most word processing programs.

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