Paradise Ridge Viewed from Moscow Mountain  by Alison Meyer
Photo - Paradise Ridge Viewed from Moscow Mountain by Alison Meyer

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The 45th Reunion - Reflections

The 40th Reunion - Reflections
From: Margo Anderson Foote

What a great reunion! It was so good to see old friends again after many years apart.

Special thanks to a special group of assorted nuts (Pam, Jackie,Sherla and Carolyn) for my surprise birthday card. Don't know when you got it but it was so appropriate and very much apreciated.

Dinner was delicious although I would have preferred to have someone else (anyone else) cook it for me. John and I both gave up cooking on the grill years ago. I can't handle being out in the sun too much and he can't take the smoke. Be that as it may, he said I did a great job and mine tasted pretty darn good too.

I also think another time around we should go for a picture with a lot more emphasis on the people. The car was a really great idea but just took up so much space. Don't know about anyone else's eyesight but mine ain't so hot anymore. I need my glasses and and magnifying glass just to pick out the faces.

Friday night at Mingle's was fun. Pam, Harold and I had planned ahead to be the last to leave and that's how it turned out. Of course, our plan involved yakking until dawn and we didn't make it quite that long but we did pretty well for a trio of old-timers. I was quite pleased with myself till the next day when my daughter(there for her 10 year reunion) told me she saw lots of old people at the other bars down the street. She assumed it was escapees from our class. So maybe we weren't the last ones out but we'll try again next time.

Heard lots of talk about doing this again in 5 years instead of waiting another 10. Count me in. If gas prices keep going up, I may have to hitchhike but I would definitely be in favor.

Many thanks to the committee. I know putting something like this together takes a lot of time and work. You did a great job once again and it was appreciated by everyone I talked too. See you all at the next one.    Margo

From: Mike Jessup

I'm writing this little message on the Sunday of our Reunion weekend --- that is so I can still remember the fun event (you know how fickle short-term memory can be at our age).

The Class of '65 reunion was a fine party and the members of the planning committee should be very proud of their work ---- outstanding job, folks!! What follows here are my reflections and things that I noticed during the weekend.

First of all, considering when we graduated, we all look mighty good! I know a bit about the space-time continuum (a very complex physics theory best explained by those old song lyrics "time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future….."), so a bit of gray hair to be expected: what I can't understand is how some folks (Linda (Watts) Newberry, Michelle (Dumas) Smith, Tim Brown, Jeanne (Agidius) Kalbfleisch, and Wayne Westberg) can look exactly like they did in high school. Even more inexplicable is how Jeff Howe can look about 10 years younger than he did 40 years ago!!?? I just don't get it….

Yes, the weekend was a great success, and we kept ourselves under control. As you know one of our former classmates is in prison, but this weekend none of us had any trouble with the law ---- I credit that to our wisdom and maturity (and the fact that most of us have trouble staying up past 9:30 pm!)

The golf was a lot of fun and even though it was very hot, we all played reasonably well. There was only one "incident" that I know of ---- in the middle of a wide, treeless, open fairway (about 400 yards long, and 100 yards wide), 2 golf carts managed to have a collision! I won't name any names, but let's just say someone with the initials Dan Green was totally at fault for inattentive driving.

Speaking of golf, we all are very impressed with all the fine work done by Rand Lewis over the years in homeland security and helping to keep us safe from terrorism. Thank heavens I have not been directly affected by any terrorist acts, but I have now seen Rand on a golf course with a 9-iron in his hand, and let me tell you it should strike fear into the heart of any jihadist out there!!!

The real golfers in the class are Dan Green, Don Harmsworth, John Hutchins, and Don O'Meara…. These guys are actually pretty good, and take it seriously (sort of…) and are fun to watch.

It was nice to see Bruce Davey and his "little (?)" brother Doug. They did not come to the Saturday night steak BBQ (missed a great meal guys!!) which was OK as it meant more food for the rest of us. (I've seen them eat….)

The meal was excellent, and our thanks to the Elks club and whoever helped create it. The steaks were wonderful (we each cooked our own) and I hope Paul Randleman recovers from the smoke inhalation he must have suffered. He was sort of the "grill guy" and was lost in a cloud for much of the evening.

The class picture is quite good and an impressive group we are ---- the best looking "entry" in the photo has to be that beautiful, shiny, black Mustang convertible in the foreground (with Miss Gehrke in the trunk).

I much enjoyed seeing everyone again, especially my old friends Dave Peck and Larry Seale. Larry probably wins the prize for the most "globe-trotting" over the last few years. They also look the same as they did 40 years ago. So does Dave Kellogg -- his personality and sense of humor are the same too (for better or worse…)!!

I enjoyed dancing to the sounds of "DJ Denny Sumner" - thanks Denny, the music was wonderful --- sort of like an old "Rock, Roll, and Remember" show without Dick Clark. Dancing with Patty (Thompson) Lowe was fun - I wasn't sure which was going to give out first --- my feet, my knees, or my pacemaker!!! That girl has ENERGY!!! (of course she was in the class of '67, so she's just "a kid")

Mike Lowe (my roommate from our "California rocket scientist" days) has done well and I'm proud to say I know him. With Patty at his side, he has to stay strong just to keep up!! Mike, several multi-vitamins a day, some energy bars, and lots of caffeine should help……

I also danced with Polly (Thompson) Crowley which was also fun and a bit more "sedate". We were discussing how kids from our era were deprived (no that's not a typo, I did NOT mean to say 'depraved'). We realized that as teenagers, we had no internet (Al Gore had not invented it yet…), no computers, no email, no instant messaging or text messaging, and NO CELL PHONES!! How did we survive??? We had rotary dial phones (any color you wanted as long as it was black), and our music came in "hi-fi" - no stereo!! We did, however, get to enjoy the wonders of the 8-track tape….not that's some fine technology!!

Tom Crowley was not in attendance ---- he was off fishing somewhere in Alaska… can you imagine?? Missing the outstanding event of the Moscow social season for a few lousy Coho salmon, several Alaska king crab, and hours in the beautiful wilderness of the last American frontier just doesn't seem right!!

And how about the "mystery man"??? I'm talking about Roger Watson. I think he has changed the most (in terms of "looks") of any of us. Friday night at Mingles he specifically put his nametag in his pocket so we would have to guess…… I personally have the theory that this guy just wandered in off Main Street and picked a name out of the Bear Tracks. I don't have any proof that it was Roger…. He was a nice guy, but who knows….??!! The question remains, where is the real Roger…. Have you ever seen this mystery man and Roger together?? Hmmmm???

I didn't go on the tour of the schools, but heard it was really interesting and fun. My sources tell me that Mr. Gould's room looked exactly the same and that he may actually still be in there somewhere…. Also, I guess the doors to the library have been changed to prevent any further "chain/chicken" events. What a shame…..

It was nice to see Robert Otness --- was he always that tall, or have I shrunk?? If he was always that tall, why was he not on the Bears basketball team? In my case, I could have been on the team - the only things holding me back were lack of height, lack of ability, and lack of talent. Other than that, I could have been really good….. Bob, thanks for bringing Judy Moon with you, she was a lot of fun to talk with.

It was really nice to see Harriot Hagedorn again. She looked really happy and I'm glad - she deserves to be happy. At the last reunion she and I ended the evening discussing our "troubles" at the Corner Club (a well-known location for psychological counseling). And how about our "foreign" alum who traveled all the way from Canada to be at the event? ---- Sharon (Thompson) Granville-Martin. I don't think I've seen her since high school --- her parents and mine used to hang out together. Sharon you still look great. What I don't understand is every time you and Harriot looked at me you started giggling……?!!

Andrea (Petersen) Beckett, LeNelle (Martin) McInturff and John Weber, what a hard-working group. So nice to see you all again, and thanks for your on-going efforts. John would make a great auctioneer or snake-oil salesman. LeNelle - thanks for everything, and Andrea, I don't think anyone called you "Gidget" all weekend!!

Kerby Cole is still the same fun guy as in high school --- it seems that there is a lot more of him now, however….. same holds true for Craig Fountain (are they making those crop-duster cockpits bigger now?) Just kidding, guys -- you both look just fine.

Launa (Oakes) Morasch, you look as great as ever --- I do think you have the potential for some sort of personal injury suit against Harriot for the "head bonking" incident, and for the right amount of cash I would be glad to testify on your behalf…..

Linda (Wilson) Scoggin, you look just the same and I want to assure you there seems to be no "Maybelle Gerhke" vibe about you at all….. Maureen (Snow) Jackson - you are just as cute as ever. Bob Stephens - they actually make cameras that will fit in your pocket these days --- check it out!!

Finally, on a somewhat serious note, thanks again to the committee for this great opportunity to see each other again. It seems to me that we, as a class, have really come together and bonded as a group. We should be proud to be MHS grads, and the Moscow School District should be proud to have us out in the world representing their efforts. Thanks so much to Bill and Connie (Dahmen) Sever --- the website and your work is very much appreciated. It lets us stay connected. Thank you, thank you, thank you…….

And finally, as Tiny Tim would say (not the guy with the ukulele…) "God bless us, everyone." I hope to see us all, healthy and happy, at the next one of these…..

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